Peeky Blinder by Lewis Le Val

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【教学名称】:Peeky Blinder by Lewis Le Val

You won't find a more powerful way to read minds!

Using items you already have, within 10 seconds you will be able to make the most innocent looking peek device that could very well replace your peek wallet!

End completely clean.

Spectator gets to keep the card they write on.

Unlike with a peek wallet, the card that the spectator writes on does not end up inside a wallet in your pocket, but SANDWICHED BETWEEN THEIR

Once the card is in the hands of your spectator, you do not touch it or go anywhere near it, allowing you to stand back and reveal the information in any way you wish.

In this video download you will learn:

*The origin of the effect
*The preparation (takes seconds)
*The set up (always ready to go)
*The handling
*The peeks
*An outline explanation of the routine Le Val uses
*Tips and advice on how to construct your own routines with the device

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